• Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia

    I didn’t like Sydney that much. But on the last day, I took the ferry to Cockatoo Island, in the middle of the Harbour. I had a good time there. This little island started as a prison, and finished as a shipyard. Now it’s a place where you can do …

  • Himalayan Trek Sound Salad

    A trek doesn’t have to be quiet, does it?

    Himalayan wedding
Himalayan wedding

Himalayan Trek Sound Salad


Chinese Sound Salad

Wall conqueror


After a night in the woods, how I spent a truly unforgettable day high up on the Great Wall of China. With real chunks of adventure inside!


Indian Sound Salad #4


So you wanna travel?

How to choose a backpack, what to pack for a trip… all of this is rather self-evident to me now. But maybe not to you? An article about travel-gear and packing, for a change.


Indian Sound Salad #3

The westernized center


Once in a while I do go to touristy places. Like that day when we drove (in a car! Luxury!) to ma-what-was-it-puram.


The Uncountable

Hard for me to express all the gratitude I feel towards the incredible number of people who helped me out in one way or the other during the past 16 months… but I’ll try!


Indian Sound Salad #2


How I came to Amma

How I got to Kerala on a day India was closed and how the police drove me to Amma’s ashram.


Bangalore Express

How I strolled around the botanical garden in Bangalore with a total stranger and bought my first Indian clothes.


Snow Faeries in China


Indian Sound Salad #1