Bulgarian Sound Salad

A lot of music again, in Bulgaria! Notably a bagpipes festival in the mountains, but also people who can sing, strange instruments… You will thus hear:

- the waves at night in Varna

- a hand-drum, homemade instrument consisting, for this one, of an emtpy anti-tank mine (see photo)

- the church bells in Plovdiv

- a belgian group playing for the dancers at Plovdiv’s Folklore Dancing Festival;their performance was pretty boring in comparison with the rest (other countries represented that night : Ireland, Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria)

- the gentle tapping of the sheep coming back to the farm for a drink (and their bells) in the mountains near Gela

- a bulgarian bagpipe (kaba gaida) by the campfire on the first evening of Gela’s bagpipe festival, playing a traditional song

- my Bulgarian friends singing “Kitchise” for me, a traditional song; the lyrics are pretty funny, they go “My bouquet of wild freedom/give me a knife to kill myself/because in your neighbourhood/the girls are pretty/but the boys are stupid/they don’t know how to love a girl/they just know how to drink wine” (in the mix is not the whole song)

- an excerpt of a traditional Bulgarian song, by another campfire on the second evening of the Gela festival (everyone was quite drunk at that point)

- some more kaba gaida, on the same evening, same place

- the sound of the festival in the distance, when you climb up the mountain a little bit…

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