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Turkish Sound Salad #1

At last, a sound mix for Turkey! (picture : the hot water spring in Karahayit near Pamukkale)


Ukrainian Sound Salad

Five days in Ukraine, fast and intense.


Polish Sound Salad #2

My second stay in Polen has also been very musical… with a lot of classical music this time, a choir, a drunken accordeonist and a trumpet teacher.


Lithuanian Sound Salad

A lot of nice music to share, so a longer mix!


Polish Sound Salad #1

An audio mix from my first stay in Poland: a small city, a little village and the capital city.

A facade in Prag

Prag – Audiomix

The first sounds of my travels, more of Czech Republic.

Katerina, my first host

Czech Republic : C.Budějovice and Katerina

After meeting plenty of Australian travellers in a hostel in Český Krumlov, I went to České Budějovice with a local bus. There I stayed with Katerina, who has been my first CS* host, and a great one! In this little mix you hear a passing old and short train at …

The Silky Way Adventure – Epilogue

The Silky Way Adventure Slices of Armenia  - Epilogue: Last streak of luck Previous chapter: Dried Fruits   At the beginning of my trip with Artyom I had in mind to directly go to Iran. As far as geography is concerned it was a flawless plan, since the border itself was …

The Silky Way Adventure – Chapter 12

The Silky Way Adventure Slices of Armenia  - Chapter 12 – Dried fruits Previous chapter: It’s the Road! It was raining a little outside Kajaran. The Iranian petrol trucks were honking at us and sometimes asking for the way. For an hour, out in the cold, we played guitar and …

The Silky Way Adventure – Chapter 11

The Silky Way Adventure Slices of Armenia  - Chapter 11 – It’s the Road! Previous chapter: Men of God The countryside was still curling up in a cotton-like fog when we left the Tatev monastery. Ophelia had insisted that Artyom should be baptised right away, because his faith was strong …

The Silky Way Adventure – Chapter 9

The Silky Way Adventure Slices of Armenia  - Chapter 9 – Collection Previous chapter: Old rocks Since it wasn’t summer any more and there was a lack of daylight hours, after the caravanserai and a rather long break in a restaurant, we didn’t have enough time left to get to …