Les petites choses

(English) The little things that remind you that kindness still exists, the little gestures that remind you of your traveling days… do you notice them?

Himalayan wedding

Salade de sons parfum Trek dans l’Himalaya

Watching the horizon

Etrange statues

D’étranges statues au bord d’un lac, en plein milieu de l’Inde.


Salade de sons chinois

Wall conqueror

La folle journée

(English) After a night in the woods, how I spent a truly unforgettable day high up on the Great Wall of China. With real chunks of adventure inside!


Salade de sons indiens #4


Alors comme ça, vous voulez voyager?

(English) How to choose a backpack, what to pack for a trip… all of this is rather self-evident to me now. But maybe not to you? An article about travel-gear and packing, for a change.


Salade de sons indiens, opus 3

The westernized center


(English) Once in a while I do go to touristy places. Like that day when we drove (in a car! Luxury!) to ma-what-was-it-puram.


The Uncountable

Hard for me to express all the gratitude I feel towards the incredible number of people who helped me out in one way or the other during the past 16 months… but I’ll try!

At the beach at dusk

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Inde

Vous connaissez peut-être Chennai sous le nom de Madras, ainsi qu’on l’appelait du temps où elle était sous le joug des britanniques.

The fanfare

Pondichéry, Tamil Nadu, Inde

Une ville aux influences multiples et au statut particulier, sur la côte est, une ville peuplée d’enfants qui jouents et de déesses en colère.


Indian Sound Salad #2


How I came to Amma

How I got to Kerala on a day India was closed and how the police drove me to Amma’s ashram.


Bangalore Express

How I strolled around the botanical garden in Bangalore with a total stranger and bought my first Indian clothes.


Snow Faeries in China