Serbian Sound Salad

Serbia… I’ve been there, left and came back to go to that Guča festival everyone had been talking about! And the first time in Belgrade, our host (I was with my dear friend Flora) invited a different musician friend every night to play for us. So, a lot of music again!

In this mix, you will hear:

- a truck passing by at Kalotina, the border main border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Serbia; I came hitchhiking to Serbia, and had to wait for my truck at the border an hour an a half… So the first sounds I heard were 35 trucks passing, one after the other. As I am kind, you’ll only have to listen to one of them :)

- a serbian song on the accordeon (the keyboard one), played by a friend of our host’s in Belgrade

- Satie, Gnossienne 3 on the guitar by Vladimir, another friend of my my host’s. As soon as people know I am French, they want to play for me all  the French songs they know, as if I would be particularly pleased by that… (people are strange sometimes!)

- the atmosphere in Skadarska, one of Belgrade’s most ancient streets, very touristy, were gipsy brassbands play for you (if you pay them!) while you eat at the restaurant (same principle in Guča, but ten times louder and drunker)

- you will then go directly to  the  Guča festival, and listen to too short excerpts of the brass band competition (note : I do NOT know how to play like that on my little trumpet (yet)…

- still in Guča, back at the campsite, I met cool French people (the first ones since the beginning!), and among them was Caroline, who writes her own songs and played a few for us – this one was about her car

- but Guča is about the trumpet, so you’ll get some more trumpet, from the young brass bands competition this time

- and to finish, a few more seconds of the incredible cacophony going on in most streets of Guca every evening, night and some part of the day…

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