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Himalayan wedding

Salade de sons parfum Trek dans l’Himalaya

(English) A trek doesn’t have to be quiet, does it?


Salade de sons chinois

(English) Ever wondered what China sounds like?


Salade de sons indiens #4

Une dernière petite salade de sons indienne comme dessert exotique. En attendant les saveurs chinoises! Enregistrements réalisés à Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, the Himalaya, Kasol and Agra


Salade de sons indiens, opus 3

Précieux enfants et rituels sans âge, rien ne dit l’Inde comme la poussière et l’eau. De Chennai à Delhi, à huis presque clos.


Indian Sound Salad #2

What does travelling in India sound like? Follow me!


Snow Faeries in China

How I ended up composing a piano tune with a nine-years-old Chinese girl.


Indian Sound Salad #1

Sit back, close your eyes and let me show you my India – with sounds!


Iranian Sound Salad #2

I am back with a soundtrack!
De retour avec de sonores atours!


Iranian soundsalad #1

Wondering what Iran sounded like? A first taste of it!


Armenian Sound Salad

Sounds of Armenia. Sheep and electricity, fusion and symphony.


Georgian Sound Salad

Georgia in my ears (and yours, if you please).

Inspired musician in Mersin

Turkish Sound Salad #2

Last sounds of Turkey before Georgia started to be in my ears


Istanbul Sound Salad

It took me some time, but here you are, some Istanbul sounds folks


Turkish Sound Salad #1

At last, a sound mix for Turkey! (picture : the hot water spring in Karahayit near Pamukkale)

Young brass band playing for a young drunk guy, Guča

Serbian Sound Salad

Serbia, home the biggest trumpet festival in the world… but not only!

They are lower in pitch than the gaida and originate in the Rhodopes moutains

Bulgarian Sound Salad

A lot of music again, in Bulgaria! Notably a bagpipes festival in the mountains, but also people who can sing, strange instruments, bells of all sorts…


Ukrainian Sound Salad

Five days in Ukraine, fast and intense.


Polish Sound Salad #2

My second stay in Polen has also been very musical… with a lot of classical music this time, a choir, a drunken accordeonist and a trumpet teacher.


Lithuanian Sound Salad

A lot of nice music to share, so a longer mix!


Polish Sound Salad #1

An audio mix from my first stay in Poland: a small city, a little village and the capital city.