The Silky Way Adventure

Dear dear friends, big news! I have spent lately a lot of time in Armenia writing a whole series of articles about one particularly nice travel experience I had there AND I have translated the story into English for you guys out there who can’t read French!

I really hope that you’ll find the texts nice or at least interesting. Please do tell me what you think so that I know if I should keep writing in English as well. And if you really like it, feel free to share it around. Pages views and comments are a blogger’s salary!

Oh, and, also, while we’re at it… let me wish you all a very happy New Year! May 2013 be sweet, intense and rich for you. May it be full of love, music and new experiences! Take care of yourselves and of your loved ones, and read you soon.

To start reading about the Silky Way, it’s down this road!

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