Hampi, Karnakata, India

Oh, I know, you expected something else, maybe pictures of koalas already, but hey! Still have a few pictures of India, China and Europe first. I do want to share them. The good news is that while I was having a break in Europe, I’ve learned how to edit pictures a little better (I honestly wish I hadn’t because it takes forever, thank you so much derniertramway!), so hopefully they will be nicer to look at. The second good news is, since editing takes so much time, I don’t want to edit too many. So I choose them more carefully, and I should be able to get up-to-date faster. Well that’s the hope anyway!

(actually it’s top-secret, but I do have a master plan to finally get this blog up-to-date. I’ll tell you once I’ve gotten it done)

I would really appreciate feeback about the photos in the comments, if you have a minute. You know, so that I can get better :)

Greetings from downunder!

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