Iranian soundsalad #1

To make it easier for you to listen to, I have broken down the Iran mix into two parts. In this first half, made up of things I have recorded from Tabriz till Kerman (if you want to know where it is, have a look at the map), you will hear:

- at the border, Benoît trying to close down the boot of he car – that old rusty squeaky door just wouldn’t close and he swore nicely because of it! The story of our travelling with that car is here in English and there in French.

- in Tabriz, sweet Milad and his beautiful voice introducing me to Iranian love songs. He his playing on his keyboard. I just wish I had heard play on a real nice big piano!

- in Tehran, cute little Yalda singing me a song in English that she learned at the English-speaking kindergarten she goes to. She is only five years old. She knew that song really well and it was quite funny to see that she actually needed her uncle Pedram’s help… for the Persian version!

- in Tehran still, Pedram playing the daf. It’s a sort of big circular drum (there is a lighter version for women) with some metal circle chains attached at the back, so you can get an extra sound shaking them (I forgot to take a picture I apologize).

- in the big bus station in Tehran, the touts offering bus trips (in this case to Kashan)

- in the Fin Garden in Kashan the sound of one of the many beautiful fountains and pools

- in Esfahan, Goli and friend of hers playing a song in Persian

- in Esfahan, Goli teaches French. I taught half of the lesson for one of her students, Leili. She asked if she could “borrow” me. So I went with her and her husband to her house. On the way, we stopped at her in-laws. There, I spent a few hours sitting on a persian carpet with the whole family, a minimum of 12 people coming and going, all very curious to meet me, very excited and extremely nice. The women gave me some bracelets and I wanted to give them something as well, but I didn’t have anything with me. So I sang them a song. After a while, some uncle arrived (by chance?) and the whole family insisted that he should sing for me some traditionnal Persian song.

- At Leili’s place in Shahin Shahr near Esfahan, her father showed me what tombak sounds like (it’s a normal drum)

- Finally, the last piece for this mix, you’ll hear a little girl living in Kerman who had learned her English lesson very well. I found her way to recite all she knew in English quite hilarious and very cute :)

I hope you liked it, there will be more coming soon.

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