I’ve got stories – do you want to hear them?

I’ve got stories for you, dear friends! I’ve got stories and I don’t know where to start. Now that I have been living in the same place for many months already, the whole idea of chronology doesn’t matter anymore. These adventures and stories are just part of me now, which one happened first isn’t really relevant. So I thought I would just ask you guys directly:
- do you want to read any more stories ?
(who knows you’ve had enough, maybe your happy with only pictures and/or sounds)
- if yes, which one would you like to hear first?

Here is the list you can choose from:
- 52 Indians And I or the story of a great Himalayan trek
- “Could you make a comfortable exit?” or the delights of Indian English (this will be an article on a language)
- Hitch-hiking in China I: The Nicest Bed or the story of a messy first attempt
- Hitch-hiking in China II: Gau Su Lu Kau or how you should not count your chickens but learn Italian instead
Hitch-hiking in China III: The Lonely Toll or how a Chinese policeman carried my backpack for me
- The Great Wall Adventure I: A Night In The Woods or how I finally got to try my emergency blanket
- The Great Wall Adventure II: The MAD (Most Amazing Day) or how I finally hiked the Wall (with two strangers)

And here are teasers in order to help you decide:

sk9-grouppic-poll21indian-english(That one would be a linguistic article in the style of those I wrote about loving Persian or not learning Hindi)


I know that this goes against every rule I had set up for this blog at the beginning (the rules being, basically, that I would post whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to and in whichever language I wanted to) but hey, only fools never change their minds, right? On top of that, since this is an interactive platform, why not use it to try get the motivational kick up the arse I need? Let’s see if it works out… comment form is just below :)

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