Kerman and the desert around, Iran

I stayed in Kerman only for two nights, but the enthusiasm and dedication of my host allowed me to see quite a lot in those two days. Hamams, the shrine of an inspired poet in Mahan, some ice-houses and other places of interest… My host even arranged for me to attend a choir repetition, which was a really nice experience. It was interesting to see that they did have some musical/cultural activity going on – and that choir was of very good quality! – even on a small scale. I’ve been warmly welcomed by all of them, of course (it was Iran after all!) ;)  It has been an intense and true time in Kerman.

The reason I originally wanted to stop in Kerman was to see the desert. It has been possible, thanks to my amazing host who even though he was quite sick the second day, wanted to stick to the plan and drove four of us into the desert. A full car with my host, his wife, a young friend of the family, and an older one, a sixty-something energetic woman they had nicknamed “Mademoiselle” because she had remained a spinster. “Mademoiselle” had showed me around town around that same morning. She was very worried at first because she couldn’t speak English, and she didn’t know that I knew some Persian. How would we communicate? But we did manage, I tried my best to show I had a big interest in learning Persian, and we got along really well, laughing a lot. She wanted to take care of me, called her niece in Teheran to have her translate a few sweet words she wanted to share with me. She also came prepared to the desert expedition and after having put on some make up and props, she did a crazy dance show for us, dressed up as a man! It was a really nice experience. Going to the desert, I enjoyed the barren dramatic landscapes a lot. I was especially happy to get beautiful pictures of the Road, as if I were hitchhiking again…  :)

Oh, by the way, this desert is so arid that if you put any sand under the microscope, you supposedly won’t find any form of life…

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