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14/06/2015 – Vienna, Austria

It all happened so fast! One minute I was in Australia, and the next I was caught right in the middle of a thrilling Viennese life. Well, there was 24 hours in planes before that, sure, but the all “busy life in Vienna” thing happened in a sec really. No transition whatsoever, within a few days I had seen all my dear friends from this part of the world again, plus I was given a bicycle to get around, a new job tailored for me and gigs to film, so it’s being going wonderfully well for more than a month now! And as much as I loved all my Aussie experiences, I must admit that I am really really glad to be back in good old Europe for now… :) Peace and love to you my friend who stumbled upon this.

22/04/2015 – Perth, Western Australia

A good old friend and a road trip, that’s all I needed to make three weeks in New-Zealand go by in a whizz. Now I’m back in Australia, Western Australia to be precise. I’ve swapped the tent and mat for a real bed with yet more lovely people. If you’re curious about my kiwi adventures, you can see some pictures here: . You do not need a facebook account, as it is a page and not a personal account. Have a good one!

1/04/2015 – Auckland, New Zealand

I’m in New-Zealand! And it’s no April’s fool joke :) .

23/03/2015 – Somers, Victoria, Australia

So! I am back at camp for one last week in Victoria. I’ve had  a great time in Camperdown and Jingellic visiting relatives, and then a great time again with a friend on the week-end walking up to the top of Mount Kosciuszko, the tallest mountain in Australia. It was gorgeous :) .




04/03/2015 – Somers, Victoria, Australia

How time flies by when you’re busy! I’ve left the Far North (Queensland) after a great week in Cairns, snorkelling with the fish on the Great Barrier Reef and hiking around a bit. I rented a car and with a friend we drove to the “Tablelands” nearby, the scenery was gorgeous. Now I am back in Victoria to work a bit. I do big long days, there is not much time left for anything else.  And yes, I have kinda of forgotten about here a bit, but it’s not like anyone is complaining so… ;) . Have a good one, wherever you are! I will try my best to publish a few things here soon.

13/02/2015 – Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Oh My! Already a month since I’ve last given any news here! Sorry about that. I’m on the road again, and internet is getting scarce. I have it on my phone now, but the screen is tiny and I never feel like writing heaps. So, I’m making my way up to Cairns at the moment, discovering parts of Australia I’ve never been to before and I’m enjoying it! The Great Barrier Reef is just nearby, so anytime I feel like swimming with the fish and emptying my bank account, I can just book a boat and go out there. Great isn’t it? :)

IMG_0326See, I’m doing well :) – The Whitsundays in the background

14/01/2015 – Outback Queensland, Australia

This is my last week on the cattle station. A few more days of work, one last week-end and it will be the end of this adventure. I’m trying to fit in everything I want to do and finish, which explains the lack of news. Catch ya later, mate!

31/12/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

Looks like 2015 is a’coming… P1380287Well, I’m ready! Happy New Year everyone, may 2015 be rich and intense, filled with joy, emotions and ADVENTURE and blah blah blah, may it be shine with strass, roses and glitter. The usual, in short :) .

24/12/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

I apologize for the lack of news. For the past two weeks, there has been another worker on the station, a girl living next door to me, and this has made for a richer social life, I’ve been too busy! I’ve learned how to ride horses, and I’ve been for a ride in a chopper, for example :) .

I’m going to another station to spend Christmas with other Europeans working around here. Everything is fine, it doesn’t really feel like the holiday season for me though, with 30°+… :) I wish you all a merry christmas!

12/12/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

I have just been informed that today is Friday, which means this update is way overdue. Everything is fine, school is over which means I now spend my time doing house chores and mainly taking care of the cutest little baby in the world, an always smiling little thing. On Monday we were in town for the school’s swimming carnival, today we’re stuck at home because at home because it rained a lot last night and the car would get bogged… well, Outbacky life goes on and I still enjoy it!

30/11/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

Today has been a lot of fun, riding at the back of the ute and trying to get good shots of the dust clouds (I’ll show you soon on the Govie Diaries). This week will be the last week of school for my two students, last week with On-Air lessons at least. I’m not sure how the Family will employ me after that. Wait and see!

26/11/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

I had forgotten how fast time flies by when one has a routine and a job… When I’m travelling, time stretches. But the days build up to weeks quite fast here. I think the fact that I’m staying in one place also makes a huge difference! All is good, the heat is more bearable now, closer to 35 than to 40°, which does make a difference. Kids will be kids and they are annoying, but hey, trying my best to teach them something.

18/11/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

We’ve got a heatwave at the moment here, for the last three days we’ve been flirting with 40°. The nights are a “fresh” 30°, 25° if we’re lucky :) . In the morning it’s very bearable, because of the wind, but when the wind drops in the afternoon… Oh My! I’m actually thankful to have the Air Con, for the first time in my life. It’s not going to get cooler anytime soon:


13/11/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

Sorry for the late news, I’ve been busy trying to catch up on the kids’ school program, so I’ve worked on the week-end too.  All is well, I really enjoy this country life. Yesterday they have burned down another paddock and when we went to see it at night, this time it was really impressive. I will have more time to update the Govie Diaries this week-end and tell you about it. I hope everyone is fine!

03/11/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

Last week I’ve been back in the city. The family had to go to Rockampton for a wedding and I came along, to do a bit of school and look after the kids. I was happy to come back to my little share of peace and nature yesterday evening (although I had no water… but it somehow came back this morning, so all is fine). Enjoying some kid-free time before the family comes back tomorrow.

28/10/2014 – Outback Queensland, Australia

I’ve survived my first week as a governess and am pretty much acclimated to the Outback life. I like it here. I like the vastness I open my door to every morning. I have been asked by many to relate how it is to live here, so I’ve made a separate blog for this particular experience. Click this link to learn about Outback life!

17/10/2014 – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I got a job! An a very Aussie one at that. I am about to travel 1400 km by train to Outback Queensland and become… a governess on a cattle station. What’s a governess? It’s someone who supervises the station kids’ school work. I’ll tell you more about it in a week or two. It’s exciting!

P1370158P1370140 Two beautiful trees blooming at the moment in Brisbane. The purple one is a “jacanrada”, I don’t know the pink one’s name. The whole city and suburbs have beautiful patches of bright purple this time of year!

12/10/14 – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

After a week of wwoofing, surrounded by lovely people, I’ve left the farm and come up to the big city. Time to catch up with relatives once more, figure out the next step (pretty much, what paid job it’s going to be) and do a few administrative chores!

05/10/14 – Tweed Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Starting wwoofing tomorrow. Hiked up to the top of Mount Warning yesterday. Nice challenging hike, beautiful views. Sore muscles today, but it really doesn’t matter. Just the fact that I could walk up and down 720 meters of hill for several hours is amazing. Six months ago I couldn’t stand any longer than 5 minutes after a bicycle accident…


30/09/2014 – Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia

Last week has showed that the coast with its surf and beach culture is not really my thing. Thankfully I have found a place were I feel more comfortable in Murwillumbah. Nice river, hills and mountains in the background… I want to stay a bit longer here :) But since the unemployement rate is high, instead of working I’ll wwoof!

22/09/2014 – Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia

I’ve left Sydney, after almost a week of being a model tourist. I’ve tried my best at liking that really big city… :) Now I’m staying with family for a few days, before hitting the road again! Weather is gorgeous.

17/09/2014 – Sydney, Australia

God am I a slow traveller! Canberra was unexpectedly interesting, so I spent longer than intended there. I have had my first big touristy day in Sydney today, I cannot say that I feel the vibe yet…

07/09/2014 – Koo Wee Rup, Australia

I’ll be leaving Koo Wee Rup tomorrow, after a last fix of family dinners and warm hugs. Going up North. Next stop: Canberra. Oh, and the last video I edited is online: :)

01/09/2014 – Koo Wee Rup, Australia

I’m back from my offline time, which was amazing. I should do that more often really. Feeling fantastic! I am working on secret projects. I’ll be on the move soon. I’ll keep you posted. And the weekly pics are back :) . I hope you’re all doing great!

21/08/2014 – Koo Wee Rup, Australia

I am in a hurry, so in a nutshell: I’m fine, I’m heading off to an island with no internet for a week. Aanthia is back in France. They’re a new post with pictures if you’re bored! :) Love to you all

03/08/2014 – Melbourne, Australia!

I am writing from Australia! For now my sister and I are visiting the family, so not much to share here. But it’s all going very well. As you can see, I have resumed the updating of the blog and you should start to get new articles more regularly on OhMyRoad, as well as news etc.

04/07/2014 – Ménestreau, France

Let’s go one news at a time: I’ve left Vienna! Right now I’m quite struggling to adjust, but hopefully the next big step will help… See you soon here to hear what that is.

24/06/2014 – Vienna, Austria

So! I am still in Vienna, but not for much longer! I’ll be leaving next week and won’t come back for quite some time… I finished all videos I had been working on, I’ve created a page on the blog to list them all, if you want to have a look, it’s here: Videos by OhMyRoad Productions (well, the name is just for fun – for now :) ). I’ll come back soon with more exciting news. See yah!

02/05/2014 – Vienna, Austria

How time flies! Firstly, allow me to wish a very happy birthday to my beloved Mam. Secondly, let me tell you that I haven’t forgotten about this blog but I’ve been pretty much editing videos this whole time. I’ll post them here as soon as the first five are finished :) . Thirdly, I’ve conducted a little poll in order to find out what you would like to be reading next on the blog. It turns out that I’ll be able to pick, because it’s a tie between the trek story, Ga Su Lu Kau, the night in the woods and the MAD. Come back shortly for the first story and maybe for a few pics as a bonus! Take care, I hope you’re all fine. With love, Emée.

10/02/2014 – Paris, France

Oh my dear Road is it good to be travelling, even for just a few days!

23/01/2014 – Vienna, Austria

Dear Friends and beloved readers! I now know that this stop in Vienna was indeed not the end. OhMyRoad 2.0 starts in July 2014… and I hereby make the solemn vow to be by then finished with the telling of all the adventures I’ve had so far. So see you soon :)

31/12/2013 – Vienna, Austria

As a wonderful token of a very beautiful and eventful year, as a hint towards past and future travels, at work today I made friends with a Zoroastrian girl of Indian descent, I got offered lavash at lunch by a friendly woman from Armenia and we made cooking plans for Persian food with an Iranian colleague.

May 2014 be for you as wonderful and rich as 2013 has been for me, may you find peace of mind and heart and nonetheless spice everything up with laughter and music. Happy New Year every one!

P.S: my wish for 2014 is that you guys keep reading this blog and tell all your friends about it :)

25/12/13 – Vienna, Austria

I can’t think of anything else to say than a heart-felt “Merry Christmas everyone!”

23/12/2013 – Vienna, Austria

That’s almost it! I’ve redirected the old site to this one, the new version of the blog! It’s not quite ready yet, but it will be soon. Thanks for coming by and reading!

17/10/2013 – VIENNA! Austria

I have just come back to Vienna. It was and still is a very emotional moment, it feels completely surreal and I am not realising the implications yet…

Je viens juste d’arriver à Vienne. Moment très intense, tout me paraît complètement irréel et je crois que je ne réalise pas encore bien ce que ça implique…

15/10/2013 – München, Germany

Getting really close to Vienna, yet I am not really back yet… Strange feeling! And still completely ambivalent feelings regarding Germany.

Je me rapproche dangereusement de Vienne, et pourtant je ne suis pas encore vraiment rentrée… étrange impression! Et j’ai toujours des sentiments plus qu’ambivalents quant à l’Allemagne.

10/10/2013 – Düsseldorf, Germany

Last real stop on my trip. Maybe one night somewhere on the way back to Vienna but other than that… it’s going to be sedentary life again very soon! Both exciting and dreadful, I am quite curious of what comes next :)

Dernier arrêt chez des amis, dernier arrêt tout court. Il y aura peut-être encore une nuit sur la route avant de rentrer à Vienne et de boucler la boucle mais sinon… je retourne bientôt à une vie sédentaire ! C’est à la fois excitant et terrifiant, je suis assez curieuse de découvrir ce qui va se passer maintenant :)

04/10/2013 – Lille, France

I’ve got great friends :) And I am having a great time visiting all those who are more or less around.

J’ai des amis formidables, décidement. C’est fort agréable en ce moment, je rends visite à tous ceux qui sont dans le coin :)

27/09/2013 – Munich, Germany

Sorry it has been a while but I couldn’t tell you what I was up to, since it was a surprise for some very good friends of mine. I came announced to their concert today in Munich and they were very surprised indeed! On the way I spent some time near the lake of Constance with a friend I met in Australia quite some time ago… a lot of happy reunions it is, especially after a family party at home and then Paris last week! Still got a few friends to visit in Europe before getting back to Vienna :P

Veuillez me pardonner pour mon absence, mais je concoctais une petite surprise pour des amis. Je suis arrivée à leur concert à Munich aujourd’hui sans être annoncée et ils ont été plutôt surpris en effet! Avant ça j’étais au lac de Constance pour retrouver une amie rencontrée en Australie et pas revue depuis environ des lustres… beaucoup de joyeuses retrouvailles ces temps-ci, surtout après la petite fête de famille et Paris ensuite! Et j’ai encore quelque amis à qui rendre visite avant de retourner à Vienne :P

21/09/2013 – Paris, France

I kinda REALLY like Paris at times. I could imagine staying here a few weeks/months/years… :P

Qu’est ce que je peux aimer Paris, quand même, parfois… Je pourrais sans problèmes rester un peu ici !

17/09/2013 – Paris, France

Very pleasant family reunion on Sunday and now… I’ve got a backpack on my back again, and I’m a happy chap!

Magnifique petite réunion de famille dimanche et me voilà avec un sac sur le dos, de nouveau !

11/09/2013 – Ménestreau, France

Slowly gathering my scattered things again… :D

Je rassemble doucement près de mon sac-à-dos mes petites affaires éparpillées… :D

06/09/2013 – Ménestreau, France

Almost there! Can’t wait to be on the move again :)

Je tiens le bon bout ! Et bientôt je bougerai de nouveau, j’ai hâte !

02/09/2013 – Ménestreau, France

When I said “ok” to come back and help, I didn’t know that it would mean being tired all the time, especially now that I have inherited the  responsibility of making the cheese… Struggling to do “my own” stuff, I am. Just one more week to go!

Quand j’ai dit que je viendrais aider, je ne pensais pas que ça voudrait aussi dire que je serais fatiguée tout le temps… d’autant plus maintenant que j’ai récupéré la fabrication des fromages ! Je galère un peu pour réussir à faire “mes trucs”. Plus qu’une semaine à tenir!

26/08/2013 – Ménestreau, France Splendid couple, moving ceremony, beautiful dinner… the wedding I came back for is over. What do I do now? Feeling weirdly empty. Stuck at the farm for two more weeks anyway. Couple magnifique, cérémonie émouvante et dîner parfait… le mariage pour lequel je suis revenue a finalement eu lieu. What now ? Sentiment de vide étrange. De toutes façons il faut que je reste à la ferme les deux prochaines semaines au moins. 22/08/2013 – Paris, France God is Paris nice in the summer when it’s all empty! Love the feel of it. Two days off, no goats… reunited with brother, his wife and the cutest little boy ever! :) Qu’il est doux de se promener à Paris l’été, quand les rues sont vides! Deux jours sans chèvres mais avec mon frère, sa femme et le plus mignon petit garçon qu’il soit! :) 16/08/2013 – Ménestreau, France I want to blog, I swear! It’s just that this silly farm somewhat sucked me in… But see, today I made an effort and there is a new article :) J’avais l’intention de publier beaucoup plus de choses, je le jure! Mais  cette idiote de ferme me prend beaucoup d’énergie… Enfin regardez, aujourd’hui tout de même, un petit article :) . Et un de vos articles favoris, sur les langues! :) 13/08/2013 – Ménestreau, France Getting up at 4.30 every morning. Much harder to get used to this rhythm than I thought it would be… J’ai bien plus de mal que je ne l’aurais cru à m’habituer à me lever tous les matins à 4h30… 08/08/2013 – Ménestreau, France The little luxury I enjoy the most is drinking tap water (but when you think that we use drinking water to shower and even flush, it’s ridiculous). Fate is too kind and so that I can feel a little on the Road still, the heater broke and we don’t have hot water anymore. If I feel like a hot shower I can go Indian bucket style :) . Le petit luxe que j’apprécie le plus est de pouvoir boire l’eau du robinet (mais quand on pense qu’on se douche avec de l’eau potable et qu’on tire même la chasse avec, c’est ridicule…). Le destin est sympa et pour m’aider à me sentir encore en  vadrouille, le chauffe-eau a lâché. Si je veux une douche chaude, je peux la prendre à l’indienne (au seau) :) . 01/08/2013 – Chatou, France I have arrived yesterday in France after 34 hours hours of travel – 2 metros, 2 planes and a long stop in Kuala Lumpur, 1 bus, 1 regional train and 1 short drive. I got to see the cockpit of the A380 that flew me home :) . I’ll drive myself back to the farm today and be reunited with part of my family. :) Je suis arrivée en France hier après 34 heures de voyage – 2 métro, 2 avions et une longue escale à Kuala Lumpur, 1 bus, 1 RER et 1 court trajet en voiture. J’ai visité le cockpit de l’A380 qui m’a ramené en France :) . Aujourd’hui je rentre à la ferme de mes parents en voiture (c’est moi-même qui conduit!) et je vais retrouver une partie de ma famille. :) 29/07/2013 – Beijing, China That’s it. Last day in Bejing. And I haven’t even seen the Forbidden City yet. But that’s because I was busy having the most beautiful adventure near and on the Great Wall for the past two days! Voilà. Dernier jour à Pékin. Et je n’ai même pas encore vu la Cité Interdite! Mais ça c’est parce que ces deux derniers jours, j’étais occupée à vivre une super aventure près de et sur la Grande Muraille! 26/07/2013 – Beijing, China I was looking at potential gifts outside one shop, discussing the articles in French with Jiesu. When I had a look at his own display, the owner of the shop nextdoor asked me in Chinese: “You come from France, right?” I said yes. “Mayonnaise!” he said proudly in a smile. That was the only French word he knew and he was quite happy to share it :) J’étais devant un étalage avec Jiesu et nous discutions en français les articles proposés. Le propriétaire de l’échoppe d’à côté, lorsque nous entrâmes dans sa boutique, me demanda en chinois: “Vous êtes française n’est-ce pas?”. Je répondis que oui et il s’exclama fièrement: “Mayonnaise!”. C’était le seul mot qu’il connaissait, et il était heureux de le partager :) 24/07/2013 – Shenyang, Liaoning, China Oh My dear Road! Less than a week left in China before the big plane takes me back to Europe! It’s going so fast. Leaving for Beijing tomorrow, slow train, seven hours and a standing ticket only. That should be fun :P Ouh là par mes aïeux! Moins d’une semaine en Chine, avant l’avion qui me ramènera en Europe! Ça passe trop vite! On part pour Pékin demain. Dans un train lent, sept heures de trajet, et pas de place assise. Voilà qui devrait être intéressant :) 18/07/2013 – Shenyang, Liaoning, China Thirty hours + a four hours delay, I think it’s my record train trip so far… but it’s ok because I was with my old friend Jiesu! With this I jumped to the North of China.  Trente heures + quatre de retard, je crois que c’est mon record pour un voyage en train… mais ça va, j’étais avec mon amie Jiesu! Avec ce jour et demi dans le train je suis maintenant tout au nord de la Chine à Shenyang. 14/07/2013 – Lamma Island, Hong-Kong, China I finally managed to have a great day in HK. It was about time because this was my last day! Bye-bye Hong-Kong, it has been hm… not as interesting  or fun I thought it would be but thank you for everything anyway.  J’ai enfin réussi à passer une bonne journée à HK. Il était temps, c’était mon dernier jour ici! Au revoir Hong-Kong, ça a été euh… pas toujours un plaisir, mais merci pour tout quand même! 12/07/2013 - Lamma Island, Hong-Kong, China It seems to me that they eat even more meat in Honk-Kong than in mainland China.  J’ai l’impression qu’à Hong-Kong on mange encore plus de viande qu’en Chine (et ce n’est pas peu dire!) 09/07/2013 – Lamma Island, Hong-Kong, China I’m in Hong-Kong! It’s supposedly part of China, but you have to cross two borders and it’s another currency and they don’t even drive on the same side of the road. Program for now: visa stuff again, sooo happy.  Je suis à Hong-Kong! C’est censé être la Chine, mais ils ne roulent pas du même côté, ils n’ont pas la même monnaie et il faut traverser deux frontières pour y arriver. Réjouissances de visa en vue, pas ma tasse de thé mais pas le choix!


Also Hong-Kong

Also Hong-Kong

07/07/2013 – Yangshuo, China When I say something in Chinese – usually single words, as I don’t know many sentences yet, people go “wow your Chinese is so good!”. They mean I have a good accent. But I don’t think the ten single words I know qualify for “good Chinese” :D Quand je dis quelque chose en chinois, souvent un seul mot puisque c’est tout ce que je connais, on s’exclame, même si ce n’est qu’un seul mot “ouah, tu parles si bien chinois!”. Il veulent dire que je n’ai pas d’accent. Mais je ne crois pas que dix mots isolés de chinois fasse de moi quelqu’un qui parle “bien” chinois!! :D 05/07/2013 – Yangshuo, China Pretty amazing landscape indeed, very enjoyable as soon as you’re out of the commercial and foreigners-packed city-center. Fort jolis paysages en effet, très appréciables si l’on s’éloigne du centre-ville trop commercial et débordant de touristes étrangers et chinois.

02/06/2013 – Hengyang, China

Soon time for some beautiful landscapes and full-of-backpackers annoying towns. It’s unfortunately often a combo.

Il est bientôt temps d’aller voir de jolis paysages, tout en endurant les petites villes à touristes étrangers. Les deux vont bien trop souvent de pair.

30/06/2013 – Quzhou, China I got Chinese-baptised and my new name means “little rice grain”. I was told it’s very cute for a girl :) On m’a baptisée d’un nom chinois, et mon nouveau nom veut dire “petit grain de riz”. Il paraît que c’est très mignon pour une fille! 25/06/2013 – Wenzhou, China So, the internet bliss didn’t last too long… I give up. In the worst case scenario, if I don’t find a proxy connection in the next places, I’ll prepare stuff and blog once I get to Hong-Kong. I am looking forward to discovering rural China, it’s what I’ll attempt to do in the next days! It’s quite hot here everyday (more than 30 degrees), and very humid. Hope everyone is well, take care, ’til soon! Bon, pour internet les rejouissances n’auront pas dure longtemps… je jette l’eponge. Au pire si je ne trouve pas de connection avec proxy aux prochains endroits ou j’atterris, je preparerai des articles que je publierai depuis Hong-Kong! J’ai hate d’aller voir la Chine rurale maintenant, ce que je tenterai de faire demain. Il fait assez chaud ici tous les jours (plus de 30 degres) et c’est tres humide. J’espere que tout le monde va bien, a bientot! 21/06/2013 – Hangzhou, China Oh my Road the effort it takes to be able to edit one’s own blog from within China! But I’m back (hope it lasts…). And I’ve had time to prepare a few things so stay tuned! :)   C’est incroyable les efforts qu’il faut faire pour avoir accès à son propre blog depuis la Chine! Mais j’ai réussi (pourvu que ça dure!), et j’ai eu le temps de préparer quelques petits trucs. Alors repassez bientôt! 16/06/2013 – Shanghai, China Last day in Shangai and FINALLY a ray of sunshine! I have enjoyed walking around anonymously (that wasn’t really possible in India) but enough of the giant city for now. Did you know Shanghai is the biggest “city proper” in the world? Dernier jour a Shanghai et ENFIN quelques rayons de soleil! C’etait super de pouvoir marcher dans la ville tranquillement et anonymement (c’etait pas possible en Inde), mais les villes enormes, ca suffit pour l’instant. Saviez-vous d’ailleurs que Shanghai est la plus metropole du monde (si on calcule comme Paris intra-muros et non Paris et sa banlieue)? 13/06/2013 – Shanghai, China So, just as planned, I have landed in China. Everything is so… different, here! Bon, comme prévu, me voilà donc… en Chine! Tout est bien différent de l’Inde, pour l’instant. 12/06/2013 – Mumbai – Maharastra, South India I’m off to CHINA! Ce soir je pars en Chine! 09/06/2013 – Mumbai, Maharastra, South India At night, the sound of heavy rain has replaced that of the fan above my head… the monsoon has definitely started! La nuit, le bruit des fortes pluies remplace celui du ventilateur au-dessus de mon lit… la mousson est arrivée! 08/06/2013 – Pune, Maharastra, South India I don’t remember where and when was the last time I had such a cold. But nothing too bad, soon I’ll be fit again, just in time for CHINA! :) So I am enjoying my last few days in India, and trying to order my mess a bit. Je ne sais plus ni où ni quand j’ai eu une crève comme ça la dernière fois. Enfin rien de trop grave, d’ici peu je serai sur pied, juste à temps pour la CHINE! :) Donc en attendant je profite de mes derniers jours en Inde, et j’essaye d’organiser un peu mes petites affaires. 05/06/2013 – Pune, Maharastra, South India Today exactly… / Aujourd’hui exactement…

 Love to everyone!

03/06/2013 – Mumbai, Maharastra, South India It rained yesterday! It don’t like talking about the weather, the monsoon is coming, that’s exciting :) Il a plu hier! J’aime pas parler de la pluie et du beau temps mais une pluie de “pré”-mousson c’est différent :)

31/05/2013 – Mumbai, Maharastra, South India

Carrying, selling or eating mangoes looks like a national sport around here.

Porter des cartons de mangues, les vendre ou les manger (les mangues, pas les cartons!), c’est une véritable passion par ici.

28/05/2013 – Pune, Maharastra, South India

Turns out, if you want the ultimate being-stared-at-in-India experience, you can try going to an overcrowded restaurant in a saree with a bindi (the dot on the forehead) :) . Other than that, I’m leaving for Mumbai today where I’ll try to arrange my chinese visa! Oh, and thanks to everyone for your sweet wishes :)

Alors en fait pour une expérience v’là-comme-j’te-fixe bien plus intense en Inde, vous pouvez tenter la sortie au resto en saree avec un bindi (le point sur le front), succès assuré! Sinon à part ça aujourd’hui je vais à Mumbay, où je vais essayer d’obtenir mon visa chinois! Et et grand merci à tous pour vos bons voeux :)

24/05/2013 – Pune, Maharastra, South India

Have I told you that up there in the mountains where I was, cannabis grows as actually weed? :)

Je vous ai dit que là-haut dans les montagnes où je me promenais, le cannabis pousse littéralement comme une mauvaise herbe? (et “weed” en anglais veut dire à la fois mauvaise herbe et cannabis) C’était drôle à voir :)

20/05/2013 – Pune, Maharastra, South India

The unexpected effect of AC environment: you are so much more HUNGRY!

L’effet inattendu de l’air conditionné : vous avez tellement plus FAIM !

17/05/2013 – Pune, Maharastra, South India

Hey guys, it’s been a real while! I’m back in South India, getting adjusted to the heat again. But it’s gonna be moonson soon (moonsoon? :) ). The mountain experience has been fantastic! I had probably my last long train trip in India, too, in a upgraded class. I am staying with very nice people, everything is fine! Take care, all of you.

Bon ça fait un petit moment quand même les amis, il est temps de donner des nouvelles. Je suis redescendue dans le Sud par un dernier long voyage en train. Les montagnes étaient formidables! Je dois me réajuster un peu à la chaleur mais sinon, tout va pour le mieux (la mousson arrive bientôt de toutes façons!), je suis avec de chouettes hôtes. Bises à tout le monde, à bientôt pour un article!

01/05/2013 – Chandigarh, North India

Sorry it has been a while guys! My best mate from France has arrived and we’ve been busy, and also we haven’t found too many internet connexions… We went to see bits and pieces of Delhi and also the Taj Mahals, the big one and the “baby one” (Etimad-ud-Daula’s Tomb). Both were quite stunning, I must admit!

Pardon mes amis, cela fait un petit moment que je n’ai pas donné de nouvelles! Il faut dire qu’avec mon amie Béré qui est venue me voir de France on a été bien occupées, à voir Delhi et surtout les Taj Mahals, le grand et le “baby taj”, la tombe d’Etimad-ud-Daula. Les deux étaient splendides, je dois bien l’admettre!

23/04/2013 – Delhi, India

I was sitting outside near the main square. Those three extremely dirty kids decided to sit next to me. They were maybe 4, 6 and 8 years old.  Followed a surreal Hindi (or something else)-French conversation, they were laughing and joking and not asking for anything as far as I know. But what they were for sure doing is getting high on something. The big sister, around 13, came back for them and forcefully dragged them away. Is that part of “Welcome to India” as well? I really wish it were not. 

J’étais assise près de la place principale. Trois gamins extrêmements sales, peut-être quatre, six et huit ans, vinrent s’assoeir près de moi. Il s’en suivi une conversation surréaliste Français-Hindi (ou tout autre langue d’ici). Il riaient et plaisantaient et ne me demandaient rien, de ce que je pouvais en juger. Par contre, ils se shootaient à quelque chose, de la colle je crois. A quatre ans… La grande soeur, treize ans environ, est revenue les a forcés à la suivre. Est-ce que ça fait partie du package “Bienvenue en Inde”? J’aimerais tellement que ce ne soit pas le cas…

20/04/2013 – Delhi, India

I am in Delhi after a good old 27 hours train trip. Administrative stuff to do here mainly, and meeting a French friend at the end of next week!

Je suis a Delhi apres un bon vieux voyage de 27 heures en train de derriere les fagots. Je suis la pour des histoires administratives principalement, et retrouver une amie francaise la semaine prochaine!

17/04/2013 – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Quiet time back with friends in Hyderabad. Enjoying the moment. No earthquake felt here. 

Tranquillou de retour à Hyderabad, avec des amis, à savourer l’instant. Pas de tremblement de terre ressenti ici.

09/04/2013 – Hampi, Karnataka, India

Still in Hampi, haha! Decided to stay two more days volunteering with the kids of the Hampi Children Trust. Will leave Hampi tomorrow (but who knows? :) )

Je suis toujours à Hampi, ahah! J’ai décidé de passer deux jours supplémentaires en tant que volontaire auprès du Hampi Children Trust. Je quitterai Hampi demain (peut-être! :) ).

07/04/2013 – Hampi, Karnataka, India

Yesterday I think I took the best picture of the whole trip till now. Thank you little monkey for sitting write in front of me, while the sun was setting behind you! I’ll show you guys soon. Be leaving Hampi tomorrow. Love to everyone!

Hier j’ai pris je crois la plus belle photo de tout mon périple jusqu’à présent. Je remercie du fond du coeur ce petit singe pour s’être assis juste en face de moi, tandis que le soleil se couchait derrière! Je vous montre bientôt. Je quitte Hampi demain. Bises à toutes et à tous!

04/04/2013 – Hampi, Karnakata, India

Beautiful sunset spot at the monkey temple. I will go back tomorrow, it’s worth the many steps. And for you, a cutie monkey sample!

Le coucher de soleil est magnifique depuis le temple aux singes. J’y retournerai demain, ça vaut bien toutes les marches à monter pour y arriver. Un petit singe tout meugnon pour vous mes amis!

03/04/2013 – Hampi, Karnakata, India

Today I have seen a COBRA. It was a small one, but stlll a COBRA!

Aujourd’hui j’ai vu un COBRA. Bon il était tout petit, mais ça n’en était pas moins un COBRA!

31/03/2013 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Finally leaving Chennai today. It has been really great staying here for a while. Heading for Hampi, no idea if internet exists there. Take care!

Je quitte enfin Chennai aujourd’hui. C’était formidable! Je serai bientôt en route pour Hampi, et je ne suis pas bien sûr du statut des connections internet là-bas. Prenez soin de vous, des bisoux!

29/03/2013 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

I’ve been to the theater a few times in the last week. “Intermission” half-way through + health warnings about the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes at the bottom of the screen: Indians do know how to spoil a movie…

J’ai été au cinéma plusieurs fois la semaine passée. Je peux dire qu’entre les “intermissions” (pause pub au milieu) et les messages au bas de l’écran avertissant des dangers de la cigarette et de l’alcool à chaque scène en comportant : les indiens savent pour sûr vous gâcher un film!

25/03/2013 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Marriage is definitely one endless conversation topic in India.

Le mariage, sous toutes ses formes, est ici un sujet inepuisable de conversation.

20/03/2013 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Sleeping anywhere now always reminds me of a softer version of sleeping in an airplane, with that fan constantly buzzing above my head.

Dormir n’importe où maintenant me rappelle, dans une version plus soft, tous les avions où j’ai dormi – à cause du bruit du ventilo en permanence au-dessus de ma tête.

15/03/2013 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Landed in big and noisy Chennai. Nothing particular to see, a good friend at hand and a nice place to stay, sounds like a great spot to start writing again.

Atterri à Chennai la bruyante. Rien de particulier à voir, mais un bon sous l’coude, une adorable famille chez qui rester… ça m’a l’air tout indiqué pour me remettre à écrire.

12/03/2013 – Pondichery, Tamil Nadu, India

The two guys I was travelling with went home, I am left with Rachel, a very nice Aussie girl. We landed in Pondicherry. A proper city again with two incredible things:  wifi and a washing machine! For now, just enjoying both luxuries. 

Les deux garçons compagnons de quelques jours sont rentrés chez eux, me voilà donc sur la route avec seulement Rachel, une super australienne. Nous venons d’arriver à Pondicherry, une vraie ville qui offre pour l’instant deux choses incroyables : le wifi et une machine à laver ! Je me délecte pour l’heure de ce grand luxe.

04/03/2013 – Thiruvananpathuram (Trivandrum), Kerala, India

Dear friends! I finally left the ashram yesterday. Unfortunately, my internet situation is not much better now. But do not despair, I will manage to publish something at the latest in two days, since on the 6th it will be 9 months since I left :) . I will see you for that anniversary!

Chers amis! J’ai enfin quitté l’ashram. Malheureusement, ma connexion internet du moment n’est guère plus pratique que la précédente. Cependant, je promets de poster quelque chose au plus tard le 6 mars, pour l’anniversaire de mes 9 mois de voyage. :) À bientôt!

22/02/2013 – Amma’s ashram near Kayamkulam, Kerala, India

Got to the Ashram with some adventures on the way involving a court of law, the local police station and a cameraman, got reunited with Simon and Julia. Will not have internet the coming week, but don’t worry about me, I am fine!

J’ai atteint l’ahsram après quelques aventures incluant un tribunal, la station de police locale et un caméraman. J’ai retrouve Simon et Julia. Je n’aurai pas internet la semaine qui vient, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, tout va bien!

20/02/2013 – 10h15 – Bangalore

Today’s question: will I manage to reach the train station since “India is closed today”, due to a big union strike?…

La question du jour: vais-je réussir à atteindre la gare, vu que “L’Inde est fermée aujourd’hui”, à cause d’une grève des syndicats?

15/02/2013 – 22h30 – Hyderabad

Starting to get more comfortable, finally, slowly… a lot to take in, here, especially after sweet Iran!

Je commence enfin à m’habituer à un peu tout ici, doucement… il y a quand même beaucoup à s’adapter, particulièrement lorsqu’on arrive d’Iran!

13/02/13 – 8h30 – Bhubaneswar, India

First train trip in India: success.

Premier voyage en train en Inde : un succès total.

10/02/2013 – 9h00 – Varanasi, India

Yesterday, we went to what is most probably the biggest gathering of people EVER, the Kumbh Mela near Allahabad… I have for sure never seen soooooo many people in my life in one place! Quite incredible, but runs smoothly (that day at least…).

Hier on est allé à ce qui est probablement le plus grand rassemblement qui ait jamais eu lieu, la Khumb Mela près de Allahabad… Je n’ai en effet jamais vu autant de gens réunis en un seul endroit! Assez incroyable, et ça a tourné sans accrocs.

06/02/2013 – 14h15 – Varanasi, India

Experiencing another way of travelling: had breakfast in my guesthouse, reading French newspapers (given to me by another guest)!

Une autre expérience du voyage, toute nouvelle pour moi : j’ai pris le petit-déjeuner sur la terrasse de ma maison d’hôte, en lisant des journaux français (donnés par mon voisin)

02/02/2012 (Happy birthday sweet sister! :) ) – 19h30 in Doha airport, Qatar, waiting for my plane to India

I feel rather naked with no headscarf on. I see a lot of men in white robes around, with the round rolled fabric headdress, Saudi Arabian style, and a lot of women whose face you cannot see at all. At least in Iran you could see everyone’s eyes (and face in fact, except for the masked Banderi women)!

Je me sens très nue sans mon hijab. Beaucoup d’homme en longue tunique blanche autour de moi, avec cette coiffe à la saoudienne, et beaucoup de femmes complètement dissimulées sous un tchador+voile. Au moins en Iran, on pouvait voir les yeux de tout le monde (et même le visage en fait, excepté pour les femmes Banderi masquées) !

31/01/2012 – 17h45

Last days in Iran. On Saturday, I am flying to INDIA!

Derniers jours en Iran. Je m’envole pour l’INDE samedi!

29/01/2012 or 09/11/1391 Persian calendar – just after midnight I know I haven’t been blogging much but it’s not entirely my fault! Iranian internet (mostly  very slow or not working at all) + Iranian hospitality (mostly overwhelming) = no new posts for a while Je sais, je n’ai pas beaucoup posté ces derniers temps… mais ce n’est pas seulement de ma faute ! Internet iranien (lent, ou inexistant) + hospitalité irannienne (on s’occupe trèèèès bien de vous mais du coup pas le temps pour des trucs perso) = pas beaucoup de nouveaux articles 25/01/2012 – 7h00 local time Just arrived in my last new city in Iran, Shiraz, after a few beautiful and adventurous days on Qeshm Island (with no internet). J’arrive tout juste dans ma dernière nouvelle ville en Iran, Shiraz, après quelques jours et aventures magnifiques sur Qeshm (où il n’y avait pas internet). 16/01/2013 or 27/10/1391 in the Persian calendar – 19h00 local time You know what? I don’t want to use twitter anymore. It’s annoying. And since it’s blocked here, I can’t access it from everywhere, and it has lost its purpose. I will just post very short messages here from now on! And to avoid my lovely daddy sending me emails everytime asking what it is I wrote here, I will also translate into French :) Vous savez quoi? J’ai plus envie d’utiliser twitter. De toutes façons c’est bloqué ici, donc je ne peux pas l’utiliser de partout, ça ne sert plus à rien. Alors je viendrais dorénavant écrire de courts messages directement ici ! Et pour éviter que mon petit papa ne me demande à chaque fois ce que ça voulait dire, je vais aussi traduire en français :) //

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