Lithuanian Sound Salad

A longer mix this time, because in Lithuania I heard and recorded a lot of music. I decided to go to this little country because I knew Federspiel was playing at a music festival, so starting from there… But Vilnius proved a musical city too, and all in all Lithuania is a country where music and culture are very active. The samples were recorded in Nida, Kaunas and Vilnius.

You will hear, in this mix:

- some traditionnal Lithuanian music at the opening of the festival

- a folk groupe singing for us a verse in Lithuanian, from a song that also exist in German (a lot of Lithuanian people have German origins)

- the same group (if I remember correctly, they were from the Lithuanian town Mariampole) playing folk music so that everyone could dance on the grass

- a lithuanian melody on a lithuanian flute

- a sample from Federspiel last performance, just before we left

- the most dramatic moment of “Intouchables” (“Ziemlich beste Freunde” auf Deutsch”) in a homemade dubbed Lithuanian version that the receptionnist of the hostel in Kaunas was watching. There is just one guy (or maybe two?) translating the whole movie, and you can still hear (not in my sample though, just in real life) the original French version “under” it.

- a song sung by a Bielorussian group who was also couchsurfing at Virginija’s place in Vilnius. They were heading to Kaunas the next day for a concert.

- the Vilnia river in Vilnius, in the Užupis distric

- some Lithuanian folk music, performed in front of a church in the city center. Soon enough, about 30 passing by people were dancing (traditionnal dances) to the music

- my host Virgijina saying something in Lithuanian

- and finally some more traditionnal music, also from the outdoor session in front of the church

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