Six months of nights

My dear friends, it’s official today, I have been travelling for SIX MONTHS!! Six wonderful months, one hundred and eighty-three wonderful days or new experiences and beautiful people, and as many nights. I know I have not been giving too much detail in English – if I spend all my time translating my own articles into English, I won’t have any time left for adventures! But here is for you a list of my nights in those six months. It will give you a tiny idea of what it might have been like !

In the last six months, I have spent :

101 nights couchsurfing*
11 nights at friends’
7 nights in my tent, wild-camping
7 nights at generous strangers’
7 nights in a hostel with friends
6 nights at a friend’s friends’ or a friend’s family’s
4 nights at friends’ friends’ friends’
4 nights in a hotel or pension
4 nights in a hostel with friends, because we couldn’t find any host
3 nights under someone else’s tent
3 nights in a hostel on my own
3 nights touring with Federspiel
3 nights in a cave
3 nights at a woof farm
2 nights in a paid tent in a weird camping
2 nights in a hotel or motel, the room being paid for me by someone else
2 nights in a bus
1 night in a train
1 night in a truck’s cabin
1 night in my tent, paying for the camping spot
1 night on a restaurant’s floor
1 night in a prayers’ room in a gas-station
1 night in my tent by -10°C
1 night in an abandoned house
1 night in the oil-pressing museum of a monastery
1 night in the garage of a TV station along with a car
1 almost sleepless night when it was wo windy that my tent almost flew away
1 completely sleepless night chatting time away to see the sunrise
1 completely sleepless night selling strawberries on a market

 A small gallery to go with that :)

*CouchSurfing, a platform that allows travellers to get in touch with local people ready to let them sleep on their couch

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