Six more months of nights

And… it’s been six months of nights again (for those who are good at maths, it adds up to a year now !) :)

So let’s make it a tradition, I’ll tell where I’ve been sleeping lately. You will notice that this time, there is a little less direct couchsurfing, and more networking. Also more guesthouses and hotels, because in India you can’t couchsurf everywhere, and it is so cheap anyway that it does fit into my tiny budget easily. Oh, and again, because it’s India and it’s so big, I spent quite a few nights and days in the train (where you can actually sleep). Less extravagance, because I didn’t hitchhike.

So here you go (CS=couchsurfing, an web-based hospitality platform ):

- 58 nights spent couchsurfing (the classic way)
- 19 nights at non-CS friends’ of a friend (networking)
- 18 nights in guesthouses, on my own
- 15 nights with new friends made while travelling
- 15 nights at cheap hotels or guesthouses, sharing with friends
- 13 nights at the CS friend of a CS friend (networking)
- 10 nights in an ashram
- 6 nights in the train (all in India)
- 5 nights at altitude camps during a trek
- 3 nights in the comfort of Iranian buses
- 3 nights in the non-comfort of Indian buses
- 3 nights at the base camp of the trek
- 3 nights in a student hostel room, on my own (arranged by a couchsurfer)
- 3 nights flat-sitting
- 2 nights in a nice hotel waaaay above my usual standing (shared ;) )
- 2 nights as a volunteer at the HTC
- 1 night in Indian train, 2AC class (big upgrade from sleeper class, but very boring)
- 1 night for free in a hostel in Iran (thanks to a couchsurfer)
- 1 night not for free in a hostel in Iran (the only paid-for night in my 5 weeks there)
- 1 night at my host’s student – she was learning French and asked if she could “borrow” me for a bit :)

Of course, I’m not counting the naps, ‘coz they are not at night :)

(photo Shivashankar Vuppuluri)

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