Indian Sound Salad #2

Hello friends! Come and listen, we’ll travel through India again :)

- the thousands names of God being chanted (this comes back several times)
- a rainy day in Kerala (it wasn’t the monsoon yet)
- the sounds of the waves at Kovalam Beach
- a bus drive with music from the radio and the everyday honking (this driver was very respectful in his honking)
- some men trying to figure out how many of us there was supposed to be in our mini-bus on a trip to Rameswaram
- a religious procession
- some fishermen wives chatting
- a jam session with friends of mine
- bits and pieces from a Tamil movie called Paradesi
- the bells of the food-carts on a Chennai beach
- a colony of bats in the quietness of the park of the Theosophical Society in Chenna
- a singing game where one group has to find a song starting with the last syllable of the song sung by the other group
- South-Indian trumpets and drums during a religious ceremony

Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

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