Indian Sound Salad #4

In case you’re trying to figure out what you’re hearing, here is what I have used for this last Indian mix, in no particular order (that should make it a little more interesting :) ):

- the heavy rain of the monsoon in Mumbai, twice;
- local trumpets being played at a wedding in the Himalaya during a trek;
- another type of wedding procession, much louder, in Agra;
- the muezzin’s call at sunset in Old Delhi;
- the little bells attached to sugar cane juice machines in Pune;
- one of my Delhi hosts playing Sitar;
-  a church service in Mumbai;
- the atmosphere in a small street of Delhi, with and without power blackout;
- some street vendors in Pune;
- one sentence from a French tour guide during a visit in Agra (he wasn’t our guide, we were just nearby);
- a sewing machine in Kasol;
- a Canadian musician met in Agra, playing guitar
- the horns of the crazy traffic in Mumbai;

So… could you figure out which is which?

And a bonus, you lucky guys, pictures of the Himalayan trumpets you’ve just heard:


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