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Indian Sound Salad #4

Last Indian soundmix, recordings from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, the Himalaya, Kasol and Agra.


Armenian Sound Salad

Sounds of Armenia. Sheep and electricity, fusion and symphony.


Georgian Sound Salad

Georgia in my ears (and yours, if you please).

Inspired musician in Mersin

Turkish Sound Salad #2

Last sounds of Turkey before Georgia started to be in my ears


Turkish Sound Salad #1

At last, a sound mix for Turkey! (picture : the hot water spring in Karahayit near Pamukkale)

Katerina, my first host

Czech Republic : C.Budějovice and Katerina

After meeting plenty of Australian travellers in a hostel in Český Krumlov, I went to České Budějovice with a local bus. There I stayed with Katerina, who has been my first CS* host, and a great one! In this little mix you hear a passing old and short train at …