The poetry of a typewriter

It is hard to get bored in India. Around each corner lies a little piece of beauty and sometimes poetry, if you can see it. One obvious thing for me would be the rangoli you’ll fine often on the threshold of houses. A rangoli is a chalk drawing meant to invite the goddess Lakshmi in – she rules over prosperity. A fresh one is drawn every morning, with a lot of dexterity. People who are artistically less skilled or kids who are learning how to draw them use the help of a grid of little dots. It looks like this:


And then… and then there is the unexpected poetry. Like that day in Pondicherry when we found a “Typewriting institute”. One room opened onto the street and lined up with old typewriters. And in that  deserted shop, one guy diligently practising his typewriting exercises.  The whole scene had a passé charm to it. I was touched by the young man’s dedication.


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