Himalayan Trek Sound Salad

There are 11 ingredients in this Sound Salad.

Ingredient #1: our trekking group counting itself, as we had to do many times

Ingredient #2: jokes being told at the campfire at the base camp

Ingredient #3: departure speech by the camp manager, before we left for higher grounds

Ingredient #4: the cheering of the other groups as we left the base-camp

BaseCamp-OffYouGoIngredient #5: Wedding trumpets encountered on the first day in a local village

Himalayan wedding

Himalayan wedding

Ingredient #6: the wind getting stronger at lunch time on the first day of walking

Ingredient #7: everyone laughing at a game that we all played at the second camp (the game goes as follow : every one sits in a circle. First round, every one states the title of their favourite movie. Second round, each person repeats the name of their favourite movie, adding “in my uncle pink pantaloon” at the end. It’s quite harmless and very funny, especially when you have no idea what’s coming at the beginning of the second round!)

Ingredient #8: a singing game at night at the second camp

Ingredient #9: one of our guides singing at a break

Ingredient #10: quiet time in the mountains, birds chirping and people panting

Ingredient #11: the sheep we encountered on a rainy day at the end of the trek, as we were all sliding down the mountain in the mud. That’s me having a chat with them (the photo is from a fellow trekker, Shivashankar Vuppuluri):


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