Turkish Sound Salad #2

Hi, you few people you actually listen to those mixes of mine! It’s been a while, I know… it’s always a while, get used to it! :) In fact, preparing this mix, I have realised that since I started travelling with Küç (you can read her blog here) and then Alfie (his blog is here), I have come across a lot less music or things to record than when I was travelling on my own. I mean, Küç and Alfie don’t care about music, not the way I do at least, and of course, travelling with two mates is not at all the same as travelling alone, where you can just follow the music and do whatever you want all the time. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic experience to travel with them, and I would do it again (I might, actually). And eh! I did come across some nice stuff as well in fact, as you will here in this mix :

- in Mersin, we stayed at a flat full of musicians, and trumpet players (happy me!). You will first here Sercan (the guy from the picture on the front page) improvising on his keyboard

- then in Trabzon, I met a great musician, Brett Randell, who had flown over from New-York to old Europe to travel around and find some more inspiration for his next album. Here he is playing one of his own song. He was a very nice chap, I had a great time with him, jamming and all ! (his webiste – sorry if this starts to look like someone paid me to put links down, no one did, they are just my friends :) – is here)

- but jazz, soul… let’s not forget that all happened in Turkey ! So, next is someone praying (have you noticed, pRaying – pLaying, just one letter apart…) in a mosque in Kars

- still in Kars, our host Halil singing a song in Kurdish while playing on his brand new electronic drum kit (however this machine is called)… interesting mix for the least !

- in a café in Kars, some live music, three musician, the song is called « Uzun Ince bir Yoldayım » and is originally from a very famous Turkish poet, Âşık Veysel. It’s a beautiful song about being on the road. Halil tried to teach it to me, later !

- and to say good-bye to Turkey, one more time some acoustic bağlama, ’cause that is (with the muezzin’s calls) how I will remember Turkey, I guess – it’s Halil again, playing and singing

That’s it for Turkey… Two months, two great months, until it was time to go East again. Next time, some sounds from Georgia, and a nice story to go with them !

Take care my friends.

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