Ukrainian Sound Salad

Five days in Ukraine, fast and intense. You will hear:

- the squeaky tram in Lviv

- protesters singing songs in Ukrainian on the main square in Lviv. For now, Ukrainian is the only official language in Ukraine; however, while spoken widely in the West, Russian prevails in a lot of cities in the East of the country. The government now wants to make Russian an official language alongside Ukrainian, which is upsetting a lot of people, especially in the West. To show their disagreement, they gather and sing traditional songs together (which is, I find, a very nice way of protesting)

- the train station lady voice announcing the departure of our train to Kyiv

- Olga, a young Ukrainian met on the train, who learns French and told us a sort of nursery rhyme that I have never ever heard in my life

- “Frère Jacques” (Brother John), who travelled a long way and doesn’t sound very French any more now that he is in Ukraine. They piece was played by the cimbala player in the open-air museum for architecture and ethnology just outside of Kyiv in Pirogovo

- the metro departing ; the metro in Kyiv is very fast and very powerful, it sounded like science-fiction to me

- a baby being baptised in an orthodox church (he didn’t sound very happy about it)

- a litany by a woman in another orthodox church

- our friend with moustache the cimbala player performing his favourite ukrainian song on his old instrument

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