What I’ve been up to

 (and why this blog is a little bit A LOT on stand-by)

Dear few loyal followers, dear random readers who sometimes end up here,

(if you’re already bored, jump to the end of the article for a summary and a bonus video)

As you might have noticed, I am posting less and less. There are multiple reasons for this. The main one is the passing of time. I believe any giving blog can only actively exist for a limited time, unless you turn it into a full-blown travel platform, or a web-site with a community, or something more than just a blog. It is not the direction this humble website is taking.

As much as I like posting things here, it takes up an enormous amount of time to get everything ready for a post, and life gets in the way. Maybe it’s because I’m a perfectionist. Maybe in the end it would be the same with average photos and texts. I’m not saying that my texts and photos are fantastic – I know they are not. All I am saying is I owe it to you and myself to make sure that I have at least tried my best to post something decent, every time; this approach is very time consuming. So in the end, ironically enough, precisely because I have want to make sure that I do a good job, I end up posting nothing at all. It’s a problem, I’ll admit. I’m working on it.

When I started my journey, I wanted everything:

  • the photos (not because I wanted to put them actually, but because my friends and family asked for them)
  • the writing (originally, it was in French only, with the aim of keeping up my French language skills – now that I’m writing quasi-exclusively in English, it’s missing the point a little… although hopefully it did improve my English writing skills a little :) )
  • the sounds. The Sound Salads are probably what I am the most proud of here. I have had good feedback on them, too. They are a special thing. My thing. You can find travel photos anywhere online – you won’t find many Travel Sound Salads. Not yet, at least.

So what happens from here? Well, firstly, there are still a few articles that I do want to write. It will take me time, but I will write them. Once they are published, I will stop writing new ones, and focus on translating the existing one, in order to end up with a coherent bilingual website. Secondly, because the Sound Salads are so special and so dear to me, I want to move them to another website, where they will stand out. But it will take a while too.

Why does everything have to take a while? Well, even though I wasn’t getting blog articles ready, I have not been doing nothing. I have been working for about a year as a free-lance video editor and film-maker. I’ve worked on quite a few projects already. Every video I make, I learn something. It’s exciting, and I’m getting better, and I want to keep getting better and to keep making videos. I recently invested in a professional movie camera, which was the next obvious step to take in my video-making adventure. That’s why I went working for three months in the Outback, incidentally. To get the money for the camera :) .

Enough blah blah. What would you say about a little video, to finish this off? I’ve made one for you. It’s all about the splendid little fishies on the Great Barrier Reef, where I was snorkelling just a few weeks ago. It’s all cute and cheesy, but don’t judge me. And if you go out there, I’m sure the same will happen to you: you will come back thinking “oh my! it was so gorgeous and magical, let’s make a cute little video of them fishies in slow-motion!” (yes, most of it is in slow-motion, the little buggers swim fast!).


Here is what I’ve been up to:

  • working in the Outback to buy video equipment
  • snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and traveling up to Cairns from Brisbane
  • making videos

And here is one for you:

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